Kawaihae South Small Boat Harbor facilities still not open to public.

The Kawaihae South Small Boat Harbor is a $8.45 million project that was in the works for 11 years to the day it was dedicated on November 10, 2014 according to Representative Cindy Evans.  $1.5 million was awarded at the time of its dedication for the third and final phase to install  45-foot long, three-lane launch ramp as preferred by majority of Hawaii boaters.
Now ,January 22, 2017, more than two years passed since the dedication, the harbor is still gated with locks and only those with keys can access its facilities. The harbor has a private yacht club feel to it with its locked gates where the parking lot sits empty, and the bathrooms too are locked .  The beautiful paved half mile long road leading from its locked dedicated entrance to the harbor is frequented only by pigeons or occasional tourists wandering in from Spencer Park and Pu`ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site.  Its blacktop is still dark from lack use.

empty road with pigeons

Under the shade of a heliotropes tree in the adjacent Pua Ka ‘Ilima ‘O Kawaihae Surf Park recently, locals were in a lively discussion about the harbor just beyond behind a gate. They were wondering why the bathrooms over there with hot and cold water are off limits. None of us can come up with a good reason.  One man asked who paid for it. All others said in unison: ” we all paid for it !”
I think DLNR and DBOR need to do a better job of explaining why taxpayers who funded the $8.45 million Kawaihae South Small Boat Harbor has to use two heavily used porta potties the Surf Park rented, while a few fortunate boaters with slips ( how did they acquired a boat slip anyway?) get their own private bathrooms.

pigeons on road

Some Contact Information:

Hawai`i Island – Kawaihae

Kawaihae Facilities
Mia Akau-laclair, Harbor Agent ii
Mailing Address: Honokohau small boat harbor
74-380 Kealakehe Parkway, Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i 96740-2704
ph: (808) 327-3685 fax: (808) 327-3675
email: mia.f.akau-laclair@hawaii.gov


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