Hulakai Grounded on Reef Second Time

Hulukai Second Grounding 1.26.17
Hulukai Second Grounding 1.26.17

Sailboat Hulukai was aground on the reef a second time this morning. Its chained anchor line was seen trailing into the reef. The boat may have dragged its anchor to ended up just north of the area where it was stranded on Sunday January 22, 2017. Last noted Monday January 23, 2017, it was anchored up just beyond the reef and not at its normal mooring.
Hulakai location of second grounding as compared to its downed mast from previous grounding

I notified Department of Aquatic Resources, DAR  yesterday of Sunday’s grounding. Three days passed and DAR has not heard from Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, DOBOR prior to my announcement.
Lindsey Kramer of DAR and I met at the scene to assess this grounding. According to her, DAR will come out on Friday to survey the damages.
Owners leaving Hulakai

Hulakai Grounding timeline as witnessed:
12:24 First saw on reef at breakwall
12:45 Owners moved boat into deeper water
Surveyed damages
Notified DAR
7:00  Hulukai is on reef again at new location.
11:00 -12:00 Hulukai is off reef.

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