harbor expansion DOT response

Here is the response from Derk J Chow, Deputy Director:

August 21, 2019
Mr. Hai On
P.O. Box 2791
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743
Dear Mr. Hai On:
Subject: Kawaihae Harbor Expansion, Hawaii Island
Thank you for your letter dated July 22, 2019 regarding development of the Pier 3 Cargo
Terminal, Kawaihae Harbor. The Department of Transportation, Harbors Division’s (DOT-I I )
mission is to effectively manage and operate a statewide commercial harbors system that
facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods to, from and between the Hawaiian
Islands. In an effort to fulfill its mission, DOT-H develops long-range plans to ensure that its
facilities can keep up with increasing demands of the community for food, medicine, clothing
and shelter. The Hawaii Island Harbors 2035 Master Plan recommends several improvements
for Kawaihae Harbor, including the Pier 3 Cargo Terminal that will be developed as the west
side of Hawaii Island grows.
Please keep in mind that the undeveloped man-made shoreline inside Kawaihae Harbor is the
only place left along the Kohala/Kona coast for DOT-H to add additional berth and cargo yard
capacity to its commercial facilities to service the west side of Hawaii Island. It was created
from dredge tailings, mostly chunks of coral, that were deposited there in the process of
deepening Kawaihae Harbor to allow deep draft vessels to service the community on the west
side of the island, and remains mostly undeveloped until additional cargo space is needed. In the
meantime, DOT-H allows the public access to this area for limited uses, providing the
opportunity is not abused. Once the Pier 3 Cargo Terminal is built, the remainder of the coral
flats peninsula will remain accessible to the public via the connecting road from Kawaihae Road
that goes around the south side of the peninsula and out to the surf park.

Mr. Hai On HAR-EP 1482.20
August 21, 2019
Page 2
There are several natural beaches available for recreational use in the area. Spencer Beach
County Park, which is adjacent to Kawaihae Harbor, has fine sand, shade trees, a lawn, a
waterside pavilion, picnic tables, play courts, comfort stations and a campground. Hapuna
Beach State Park, located a bit further south, is considered one of the nicest beaches in the State.
It is equipped with overnight cabins, food concessions and other amenities similar to Spencer
Beach County Park.
Thank you for adopting Kawaihae Reef as your kuleana. Your kokua is much appreciated.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Jeff Hood, Hawaii District Manager at (808) 933-8854 and he
would be more than happy to meet with you regarding this matter.
Deputy Director
Department of Transportation, Harbors Division

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