DAR assessing coral damages from Hulakai's double groundings

January 27, 2017
Division of Aquatic Resources,DAR arrived at Kawaihae Harbor late morning to assess the damages to the coral reef resulting from Hulakai’s double groundings.
The Hulakai’s second grounding caused more damages to live corals then its first grounding. … read more

Hulakai Grounded on Reef Second Time

Sailboat Hulukai was aground on the reef a second time this morning. Its chained anchor line was seen trailing into the reef. The boat may have dragged its anchor to ended up just north of the area where it was … read more

Survey of Coral Damages by Hulakai's Grounding


The owners of sailboat Hulakai successfully extricated it from the coral reef where it ran aground yesterday. However, there is extensive damage to the coral colonies in the boat’s paths as it foundered on the reef.  Its broken mast … read more