kawaihae reef coral bleaching recovery

In over a month since 11.11.15 to 12.20.15, these mound coral colonies have almost fully recovered from a global coral bleaching event 2015. The water temperature has cooled from a high of 88.3F  at 15:42 on September 12,2015 to a … read more

coral recovery monitor from 11.11.15

Update 1.08.16
Water temperature 77.9F. These two colonies appears to be 99-100% recovered. Others are still bleached here and there. Some smaller colonies are taking longer to recover.

Updated 12.30.15
Water temperature 78.8F. Certainly more and more recovery across the … read more

signs of coral recovery from bleaching

Water temperature has cooled to 80F and has remained cooler from the start of November 2015. Trade winds are back and mound corals are showing signs of recovery by showing bright brown colors. These corals were bleached completely Mid October … read more